Print these Australia worksheets for students. Teachers may choose from these worksheets as per the student’s level and requirement. Print these Australia worksheets for students for the classroom or homework practice.


The Continent of Australia

Fill in the blanks using the correct word from the box about Australia.


Learn more about the continent of Australia.

States and Territories of Australia

Name the states and territories of Australia along with their capital cities.

Map of Australia

Mark the states and territories of Australia in the map.

Word Search - Australia

Solve the word search about Australia.


History of Australia

Test your knowledge about the history of Australia.

Australian Gold Rush-Timeline

Read the passage about Australian gold rush and answer the given questions.

Australia's Neighbouring Countries

Learn more about  neighbouring countries of Australia.

Aboriginal Australians

Learn more about Aboriginal Australians.

Word Search - Aboriginal Australians

Solve the word search about Aboriginal Australians.